Friends of Clonmel

Peoria Illinois Sister City Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland

Friends of Clonmel - Peoria Illinois Sister City Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland


6First Ever Trivia Contest Was a Big Hit

In 2010, Jimmy’s Bar, 2801 W. Farmington Rd. West Peoria, and Carey’s Bar of Irishtown, Clonmel became the first businesses in Peoria and Clonmel to create a “twinning” relationship.

On July 22, 2012, these sister bars hosted a Trivia Contest fund raiser testing contestant’s knowledge of American and Irish trivia.  Each bar held an event which was linked via Skype for live interaction between competing teams here and in Clonmel. Long time supporter of the Friends of Clonmel, Jim Spears, graciously offered his establishment and support to this event. There were 13 teams at Jimmy’s competing for cash prizes. Jimmy’s winning team, “Fat People are Hard to Kidnap”, took first place with a score of 33. The team members included Tim Spears, Jacob Karpowicz, Kevin Gorman, and Tim Scmitt. The top team at Carey’s, comprised of Rory O’Connor, Trisha Harte, Amanda Kirwin and Maurice Ronan scored a total of 40points.  Carey’s Bar took the title and bragging rights for 2012 and FOC will soon send a traveling trophy to publican Michael Carey.

Special thanks go to Jim Spears and Michael Carey for offering up there establishments to each rowdy group. A huge thanks to Jim and Beth Haney on the Peoria side for bringing the idea of a twinning trivia contest to FOC and all the time and effort they put into this event to make it the success that is was. FOC could not have pulled this off without Stacey Tomczyk of WTVP Public Television serving as our moderator for the quiz and Scott Hagemann supplying the Skype technical support.

FOC had many sponsors who provided gifts for raffle prizes, allowing us to provide excitement throughout the event.

Finally and most importantly, thanks to all those who came out to support what FOC hopes will become an annual event.

Jimmy’s Bar- Site of the First Ever Trivia Contest between Peoria and Clonmel’s sister bars



The Intercontinental Readers Skype about Peoria novel.

On March 13, 2012 the Clonmel Library and the Peoria Public Library held their second video conference to discuss the Peoria based novel, A Song For Cecilia, by Peoria native, Jo Fredell Higgins. Readers from each side reviewed the book which draws heavily on Peoria history during the depression era. Copies of the book were sent to Clonmel by the Friends of Clonmel. The Clonmel readers enjoyed learning about Peoria and had many interesting questions about our history. Clonmel has sent copies of, Tipperary; A Novel, by Frank Delaney. The groups plan to meet again via web conference on Tuesday, May 15, at 1:00pm cst at the Peoria Public Library. All interested readers are welcome to come and join in.

Pictured below are the Clonmel Library readers, led by Marie Boland, talking to their Peoria counterparts.

Clonmel and Peoria Library Twinning

On Thursday, February 2, 2012, The Peoria Public Library and the Clonmel Library held its first Book Club Discussion via video conference. For some time, Marie Boland, the Executive Librarian of the Clonmel Library has been interested in creating a link between the sister cities’ libraries. The Friends of Clonmel assisted in providing a contact locally and Alyce Jackson, Manager of Programs, at the Peoria Public Library, soon began to converse with Marie. Through a series of emails they developed a plan to initiate a book club discussion between an established club in Clonmel and a new group of interested readers from the Friends of Clonmel Organization. Marie chose the novel Star of the Sea by Irish author Joseph O’Connor, as the first read. Ten copies were sent here and distributed to FOC members.

The two groups convened via Skype from their respective libraries to meet each other and discuss the book. Two members of the Clonmel Twinning Committee were in attendance in Clonmel. Mr. Ted Boyle and Mrs. Kathleen Maher, two very familiar faces in Peoria, sat in for the one hour discussion. Both groups enjoyed the experience and felt it was a great start on what will hopefully become an ongoing reader’s discussion group. The Peoria Library plans to promote the event in an upcoming newsletter going out in March. A novel with references to Peoria, A Song for Cecilia has been suggested as the next reader’s discussion book.

Pictured above are participants in the first Peoria/Clomel Library Book Club.

Front row: Left to Right; Kathy Tate, Karen Robb, Pat Burnett, Beth Haney, Jolene Doyle, Tim Doyle, Karla Wilkinson, Peoria Public Library, Stacy Peterson, Peoria Public Library

Back row: Left to Right; Alyce Jackson, Peoria Public Library, Vic Burnett, Betty Rohman, Dorothy Kendall